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Risk Profile & Asset Allocator
The following Risk Profiler is for illustrative purposes only and is designed purely as an indicator that may help you understand how comfortable you are with accepting certain level of investment risks. The output of this Risk Profiler does not constitute any kind of personal financial advice. Please obtain advice from an independent financial consultant before making any financial decision.

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Risk Profile:


You have a need for a predictable flow of income or have a relatively short investment horizon. Your tolerance for volatility is low and your primary goal is capital preservation.

Risk Profile:


You seek a regular flow of income and stability, while generating some capital growth over time. Your tolerance for volatility is moderate and your primary goal is capital preservation with some income.

Risk Profile:


You can tolerate relatively high volatility. You realize that over time, you’re not comfortable having all your investments in equities. You’re looking for long-term capital growth with some income.

Risk Profile:

Very Aggressive

You can tolerate volatility and significant fluctuations in the value of your investment because you realize that historically, equities perform better than other types of investments. You’re looking for long-term capital growth and are less concerned with shorter-term volatility.

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1) When you invest today, how many years can you keep this money invested before you need to use it?
Less than 5 years
5-10 years
11-20 years
More than 20 years
2) What is your investment objective?
My main aim is to protect my initial capital investment.
I am looking for higher returns than I could potentially get in a deposit account, but I can't afford to take too much of a risk with my money.
I am aiming to achieve significant returns and I'm willing to accept the higher potential of loss associated with higher risk investments.
I want to achieve long-term growth with surplus funds and I am not concerned about risking most of my invested capital.
3) How familiar are you with the art of investing?
I am not very familiar with investment markets and I prefer investments with guarantees.
I have some knowledge of the financial markets and my main aim is steady growth of my investment at low risk.
I have good understanding of the investment market and various financial instruments.
I am an experienced investor and I am willing to take risk with my investment to generate growth.
4) With the four results below, how would you invest $10,000?
A guaranteed return of $500.
The potential of earning $800 but the risk of losing $100.
The potential of earning $1,200 but the risk of losing $500.
The potential of earning $3,000 but the risk of losing $1,500.
5) If you have to choose one of the below investment portfolios and its associated annual level of value fluctuation to be your own, which one will you choose? Portfolio
1 : +5% and -5%
2 : +10% and -10%
3 : +16% and -16%
4 : +25% and -25%
6) If your investment dropped in value by 20% in one month, how would you react?
I will sell and cash out my investment immediately.
I will transfer a small portion of the investment to more conservative instruments.
I will do nothing as I understand my investments will fluctuate from day to day, but I believe they will grow over the long term.
I will invest more as the prices are low.