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Cash / CPF Inflow & Outflow Analysis
At the end of this exercise, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your current income & expenditure. Please choose either Annual or Monthly mode to enter for All numbers. The graphs and results are best viewed with a laptop.
CASH OUTFLOW (annual amounts)
There are 5 categories of expenses: Personal, Family, Loans, Taxes & Investment. Go through all 5 before “Add New Item” for any missing items
Annual Personal Expenses
Mobile Phone
Luxuries & Vacations
Recreation & Membership Fees ?
Public Transport
Car Petrol, Parking & ERP Charges
Car Maintenance
Home Rental
Total Annual Personal Expenditure
Annual Family Expenses
Allowances ?
Utilities ?
Broadband, Cable TV & Home Phone
Newspapers & Magazines
Education (school fees, tuition)
Domestic Helper
Total Annual Family Expenditure
Annual Loan Repayments
Home Mortgage Repayment (Cash)
Investment Properties Mortgage Repayments (Cash)
Car Loan
Renovation Loan
Credit Card Loan
Total Annual Loan Repayments
Annual Taxes
Income Tax
Property Tax
Car Road Tax
Total Annual Taxes
Annual Investment & Insurance Plans
Insurance Plans
Investment Plans
Total Annual Investment Expenditure
CASH INFLOW (annual amounts)
Annual Income
Gross Salary, Allowance, Fee & Commission
Gross Bonus
Investment Income (dividend, coupon)
Rental Income
Total Annual Gross Income
Total Annual Take-Home Income ?
Annual CPF Contributions
From You as Employee ?
From Employer ?
Total Annual CPF Contributions
Annual CPF Expenditures
Home Mortgage Repayment
Investment Properties Mortgage Repayments
Insurance Plans
Regular Savings Plans
Total Annual CPF Expenditures
Cash / CPF Inflow & Outflow Analysis
At the end of this exercise, you will receive an in-depth analysis of your current income & expenditure.

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Is Your Annual Cash Budgeting Healthy?
Essential Daily Expenses
Ideal: Max 50%
Luxuries & Lifestyle Expenses
Ideal: Max 20%
Loan Repayments for Residence (cash)
Ideal: Max 20%
Other Loan Repayments (exclude investments)
Ideal: Max 20%
Ideal: Max 20%
Cash Surplus
Ideal: Min 5%
Cash Investments (include properties & insurance plans)
Ideal: Min 30%
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